Rustic Split Rails 

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Mick Stream's award for 2 mile fence.

Mick Stream, of Stream Forest Products, was awarded this plaque
to commemorate the completion of his two mile long fence which
surrounds his 120 acres in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Lincoln Log Splitting Contest
In the photo above, Mick Stream, owner of Rustic Split Rails, a division of Stream Forest Products, competes
in the Lincoln Log Splitting Contest held annually in Lincoln, Illinois. The Lincoln Log Splitting Contest
gathers together a group of people dedicated to preserving this lost art from our American heritage.

Mick discusses the qualities of Northern White Cedar

Mick discusses the attributes of Northern White Cedar
with a few of the other rail splitters at the Lincoln Log
Splitting contest. They agree that this is the best
choice for split rail fencing.

Mick Stream of Rustic Split Rails.
While the public continues to love the look of split rail fencing, fewer
and fewer people actually know how to split rails. Mick Stream still
works at it every day and you can purchase his fencing products here.

Rustic western fence from Rustic Split Rails of Wausaukee, WI

This western style split rail fence was built by Rustic Split Rails.
Using northern white cedar for the posts and split rails, this
fence requires no paint or stain and will last 50 years or more.

Western style split rail fence for DIY projects.

Rustic split rail fences are durable and can withstand all kinds of weather. This western style fence would be a nice
addition to any property.


Colonial split rail fence.


This colonial fence, built by Rustic Split Rails, is a great addition to this property. A split rail fence is a beautiful complement to a rustic log home. Inexpensive to install, it adds great appeal to any country setting.

Split rail fences work in tough terrains.

Our fence posts and split rails are all
cut from bolts of Northern White Cedar
harvested by loggers in the forests of
northeast Wisconsin and Michigan's
Upper Peninsula.

Colonial split rail fence.

Mick Stream is a master when it comes to building split rail fences.
He will consult with you to design a fence to meet your needs and fit
the contour of your property. Call him for answers to all your fencing

Rustic split rails ready for shipment.

Rustic Split Rails usually has 3,000 to 6,000 split rails on hand at all times so Mick can fill
customer orders as soon as possible. He splits and piles the rails here in his field.

Split rails weather to a silvery grey color

Within a few years, split rails of northern white cedar will weather to an attractive natural
silver color. No preservatives or artifical finishes are needed which means no maintenance
in the years ahead is needed!

northern white cedar

Can you imagine how nice a fence like this would look on your own
property? Call today for a price quote and you'll be surprised how
affordable it would be for you to build your own rustic split rail fence.

Our crew will build it for you.

What if you love split rail fences but just are not excited about the idea
of building it yourself? Not everyone is a DIY homeowner. We have a
two man crew available to build your fence for you. CALL us for a price

Post and Rail Fence

You just can't beat the look of a natural split rail fence along your property line. This Colonial
Style Fence surrounds 120 acres of land in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Built by Rustic Split Rails,
it is two miles long and required 6,276 eight foot long split rails.

Attractive and easy to install. 

The Colonial Style Fence is attractive and easy to install. Order one
today for your next DIY project. We guarantee you'll be pleased with
the result.

Cedar Fencing, natural and beautiful.

Here you can see the natural weathered look of a rustic split rail fence. Since no
artifical finishes are needed for northern white cedar, it is the best choice for your
fencing needs. Our fences are eco-friendly, durable, decay resistant, and naturally

Split Rails of northern white cedar.

Our Colonial Style Fences are built to last and yet are so easy to build that any DIY homeowner
can build his own using our split rails and posts cut from northern white cedar. Fences like this
have been complementing American homesteads since our earliest settlers first began to fence
their property. Split Rail Fences are as practical and beautiful today as they were back then.

Split Rail Fencing enhances your property.

Isn't this a picture of Americana? A log cabin sitting on a hill in a clearing is pleasing
to any eye. The Colonial Split Rail Fence just completes the picture! Order yours today;
call for ideas, plans and price quotes.

Split rail fences can be built on tought terrain, too.

Look at the tough terrain you can span with a split rail fence! In a
rugged setting, a colonial style split rail fence is the perfect choice.

You'll be proud of your split rail fence!

When the project is finished, you'll be proud of your split rail 
fence and your neighbors will wish they had one!